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300 ORGinal Masterpieces ARE


 Orginal Masterpieces are the stellar beta of Aujene-Jecole's  most cognitive work. No OM (Orginal Matsterpiece) is drafted the same!

With only few left the OM is an exquisite Limited Edition.

By His Stripes by Aujene-Jecole

By His Stripes was created because sometimes to imagine the pain Jesus endured for me is beyond what my brain can comprehend. The  three bloody stripes represent God, Jesus, and the holyspirit. In my life I wrestle with components I cannot handle, but everytime I look at By His Stripes I'm reminded that I'm not alone and the fights I face will not overcome me because Jesus already has defeated every demon, tourmentment, and struggle in my life.  As a Child of God it's hard to value yourself when you feel like the entire world hates you for standing for the Lord. By His Stripes empowers my inner soul against popular oppression, hateful spirits, and lustful temptations. The price God paid to have my full attention and love was the murder of his own son Jesus Christ. 


Culture Imperialism

by Aujene-Jecole (Only 180)


COURAGE BE ON to you by Aujene-Jecole

Chosen Collection

Every Woman walks a different path in life. No human being can claim they have lived the same life as someone else. God uniquely structured every woman in this world. Not even twins are exactly the same. Amongst all the women in the world God has handpicked certain women to be the chosen. We all were not called to look the same ,dress the same, or live the same,we are not the same. Despite our difference we stand on God's Word and we flow through his blood . The source of the chosen woman is pure  love in divinely seeking  the Most High God.   


Aubrie ray

by Aujene-Jecole

Aubrie Ray was created when I was sitting down in my room in the 7th grade after a long day from military school. I kept thinking about a particular classmate who was Jamican and German. Her golden wavy hair was so beautiful but she never wore it down unless it was straight. I was so confused as to why  she hid her hair. Her curls were stunning but I think she didn't see it the same way. I was inspired to draw Aubrie Ray hair outstandingly vibrant to reveal her insecurity of  being ugly as a defeated lie. Too often do we try to hide the particular thing God created to make us special. Well no more, Aubrie Ray  is free from insecurity and the opinions of others because like tupac said...

Woman Woman Dream BIG

by Aujene-Jecole

Woman Woman Dream BIG is one of my peerless illustrations. Drawn and painted in art class of 2011-2012 my hands embarked on a new journey of discovery. 


Heart Check


by Aujene-Jecole

Sitting at my desk in my room with absolutely no words to express how lost and devasted my heart felt I began to draw. My life had seem so hopeless as if I would never escape this feeling of revenge and unspoken anger. I wanted to see the people who hurt me suffer. I wanted to witness them take their last breath before they got stomped out by the  bottom of a shoe. Then I had to take a step back and honestly think about the thoughts I was accepting. During hard storms it's difficult to be honest  with myself, but truth is I had become bitter. Devasted by my own inner feelings I prayed to God to change my heart for the better. Day by day God walked me with and I went from unforgiveness to slighty forgiving to willingly to move on. It was my first double heartbreak. For the first time in my life I knew my strength and knowledge wasn't enough. When your feeling sick you go to the doctor for a check up, well same with my heart. It was becoming sick and infected with inner rage.

I went to Dr. God the creator himself, and little by little not only did he restore my heart but he filled it with elements of his fruit love, happiness, patience, joy, abundance, and freedom. I'm not perfect, no where near, but what I do know is that God is working on my behalf in legendary ways. Things will work in my favor and that is why this has become one of my favorite projects. People always say "God knows my heart". Your heart is a reflection of your inner thoughts and physical actions. So the real question is : Do you know what's in your heart? 


by Aujene-jecole

Only Selling For A Limited Time


Fall In Love



by Aujene-Jecole

IMG_4019 2.jpg

Blind Folded In The Mirror

by Aujene-Jecole


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