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Aujene Jecole

January 22 2022

10 Tips For Success

ALS 101

` What I learned about Success

Lucy Trimble MacDonald is the presenter. She is an experienced teacher that has been educating people since 1992. Her expertise are reading, English, and how to study. Lucy pointed out that the first step is to consider whether or not online learning is for you.

She suggested counseling help and advising to help make a decision. Lucy MacDonald makes it clear that If you want to take an online hybrid Course may not be for you. Lucy's goal is to prepare students to be ready to take classes right for you. Getting help with technology and having a back up plan is extremely important because unexpected accidents do happen.

It is important to evaluate what kind of learner you are in order to be successful. The video instructs the audience to ask “am I self-starting” meaning can I motivate myself to complete my own task and assignments. Many circumstances can affect how you study such as your environment and the type of classes you take. Taking your environment into consideration is important because it’s essential to know you can work in conditions of having children around and not being distracted. Technology is also an important factor. It is important to have your own device so that you can work efficiently. Using other people’s devices such as a computer at work might require permission from the employer.

This video taught me to be prepared by having a backup plan. I learned that it is not safe to rely on others' devices because it might cause future trouble. Balancing school work and family are the most important factors. Making time to even have a weekly study schedule will help improve my focus. After watching this video I plan on devoting at least 3 hours of my day to studying. Reviewing the academic calendar can help me focus on the entire time frame I have when things are due. The most helpful skill I want to continue practicing is to work on time.No procrastinating! Communicating with my instructors and remembering these tips will set me up for success.

(Video in Refreence to CSN workshop)

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