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101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties by Paul Angone NEW BOOK ALERT!


Becoming 20 was a refreshing start for my life. I have entered a new decade and I want a healthy mind set so I have commited to changing my lifestyle by renewing my mindset. This book has helped me asked those tough questions and attack those unintentional downfall mental habits. If you are looking for a change in your mindset and lifestyle subscribe to the unlimited plan and read the book with me. I highlight, analyze, and bring defintion to the comprehension of every chapter, so not only are you reading this book, but the book itself is reading you!

16. What would my life look like if I were okay just being me?

I use to drag the chains of my worries with me everywhere. Imagine a 50lb weight attacted to your ankle while you were trying to finish a race. Unecessary heaviness just dragging you down. God is telling you to cross the finishline, but instead of running with pace he has blessed you with, the heaviness is stumbling your progress. Have you ever saw God moving in your life , but it felt like a slow motion movie? I have had those nights when I would scream to God " What is you doing?" and then holy spirt would rebuttal "What are you carrying?". Look here, I was carrying anxiety to be sucessful,thinking about people judging me, hatered to those who hurt me, narrow minded thinking, and the burden of protecting myself from making any mistakes. It is not my Job to make all of Gods promises come to fluorescence. As soon as I let go of the worries and stop trying to be the "God" of my life I was able to move and be who I am. It was like a ripple effect, I got in my lane and nature of my soul was able to flow through trails..... READ MORE

(Context questions are in reference to 101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties by Paul Angone ;


Angone, P. (2018). 101 questions you need to ask in your twenties: (and let's be honest, your thirties too). Chicago: Moody.

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