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CHOSEN but Constrained

Starting my 20's out right was a soul jumping moment for me on January 28th 2021. I feel like if God was going to give me my promised break through this was my moment! Something has to break. I just knew it was time, but then again as much as I want to move into a condo, and be successful immediately, I came to the conclusion of accepting I'm on God's timeline. Before I encountered this revelation I couldn't exactly wrap my head around what I'm facing . Losing my Job, losing my friends, losing my space, and losing myself truly served for a greater purpose. I know that God has legendary plans for my life, but when I look around at my current circumstance I be like " what the heck?" How could you, God, speak such profounding promises over my life and yet look at where I am, nobody is even reading my blog post. I've seen you change other peoples lives all day like it's a finger snap but somehow with me I always gotta learn a lesson or endure a trail. God it makes me irratated! Hardships requiring trust and patience is only meant for the real ones, seriously. Do You know how irrating it is to graduate early, but not attend college asap. Or maybe how my ol' friends buying houses at 20 and I'm still here praying for a condo while resting at my grandma's house . My circumstances often make me feel like I won't have enough time to be great, like through it all I might just lose my gifts. Prayers start feeling unheard and time starts feeling waisted, but my God doesn't operate on the frame of time. I serve the God who created the time frame.

I go to court in 7 days , facing charges that can change my life. I haven't spoken about the situation because... < To Continue Subscribe to the Unlimited Plan Right Now>

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