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Aujene Jecole

February 09 2022

Discover your Learning style

ALS 101

Discover your learning style

Dr. Saundra Yancey McGuire Will be teaching us to different types of learning style preferences. You can be a visual, aural, read/write/, or kinesthetic learner. It is important to recognize your learning style preference because you may have more than one. Learning about your preferences can help you understand how you intake the information. Depending on the assignment your frustration levels can rise if they don’t appeal to your learning preference. For example, you might be a visual learner but having to read a textbook with no pictures or diagrams would make it a bit frustrating.

Neil D Fleming created a learning style preference questionnaire called VARK.

Your preference doesn’t imply that you can’t retain information in any style it just focuses on The strength of how you receive information. Visual learners learn from pictures symbols charts and diagrams. If you are a visual learner and you have to read a text with no pictures highlighting with different colors can help. When you try to remember something you can visualize it with a different color means. Also, it is helpful to summarize information with images. For example, if you’re trying to remember a person or a group of people drawing stick figures might help.

I learned that as a visual learner when you don’t have things to look at you can do other things like highlighting to help get the best grade. A new test-taking strategy that I am going to try is recalling pages in my textbooks or notes. I have a hard time memorizing what’s important because I try to remember everything. Drawing diagrams and focusing on what’s important will help me be successful. Drawing concept maps can also help me organize my ideas when I need to write an essay.

(video in refrence to CSN student success workshop course)

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