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Even If you can't SEE it, PRO ❯SEED IN IT


PRO: In favor of SEED: Cause (something) to begin to develop or grow

PROSEED : To be In favor of something that is beginning to develop or grow

Every wonder why the fiends of this world challenged you so toughly even though you ain't where you wanna be. I always asked God " Why is the enemy fighting me so hard?" I'm not rich, I'm not famous, I'm not influential. I aspire to be Well-known and affluent but at this time in my life that is just currently not the case, so I figured I should be left alone.

Yet it seems as if the gifts, and talents God has given me are constantly under attack.

Well this movie anwser it:

I LOVE when God uses movies to speak to my situation. In the movie the Lorax a man cut off all the trees in the land and the ground became dry and desolate 😞 but one day a boy who had a strong crush on a girl desired to get her a real tree for her birthday. He had to learn more about trees so he went to the man who killed them for information. There was only one seed left. The seed was placed in the boys hand. He had 1 instruction and that was to plant that seed. The whole entire city was attacking the boy for the seed. This boy had to be intentional about planting this seed.

Sometimes God will give us an seed planting instruction and because we cannot fully see the tree we get frustrated, but this movie has reminded me to obey, let it go, & let it grow! Its not about what the seed is but what it can become ✨✨✨✨😁

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