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How has Coronavirus Changed The Way You Think Of Home?

My home is the gateway of my growth.

Oftentimes people believe returning home is an atrocity but I see it as the birth of a refreshing passion. I live in the city of Las Vegas where everything moves so rapidly and once the pandemic occurred , my life became a slow motion movie. In March 2020 as I was driving home, the Las Vegas Strip was completely empty. Las Vegas is known for many things but never have I witnessed it to be an empty ghost town. Once hotels, attractions, and casinos shut down I knew for sure my life was about to change. My family had to become distant for the safety of my household considering that I have two grandparents with me, the grocery stores became a warzone for supplies, and I figured since the world has stopped maybe I should too. Instead of depression overcoming me I decided to fight for my sanity during such a transitional era in the United States. If I wanted my life to change I couldn’t give up. I took this hardship as an opportunity to sharpen my passion, flexibility, and discipline. Spoken by Denzel Washington “ Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”. Staying at home is my playground for preparation.

My favorite rebuttal against flexibility was “I don’t have time for this”, and in my heart I was confessing “I don’t have time for change!”. Growing up in a military household change became the epitome of sacrifice. My family moved instantly to 5 different states the first year my dad enlisted. As soon as I got comfortable in the new home it would be time to go. Losing my friends, teachers, and new relationships overnight shuffled my heart. Flexibility haunts me because I associated it with my experience of unpredictable home adjustments. Today’s conditions of Covid-19 demonstrate that if anything is constant it’s definitely; change. Instead of looking at flexibility as liability, being at home has helped me redefine it as an asset of versatility.

Discipline is a dangerous word because it can determine the fate of your destiny. Many times in life we know the dreams we aspire but lack the concept of discipline. My passion for Video Production and American Sign Language lacked discipline. With so much time on my hands I made a daily effort to practice ASL, I restarted my youtube channel, I created a tik tok account to expand my creativity and I began a daily blog. Discipline comes from the heart. During this pandemic my whole entire plans have plopped and I have been given a new set of instructions to my goals when it comes to excelling in Language Arts & Entertainment. Despite the new obstacles I face, obedience is key. Discipline may be one of the hardest skills to perform especially when you are at home in your place of comfort. At the end of the day everyone has two options, Breakdown or Breakthrough. I’ve chosen to break through my obstacles and I hope during this season in life you make the healthy choice to never give up.

Reflecting how Coronavirus has changed the way I think of home has challenged me to analyze the perception of my position and to also appreciate where I am Today ! “There is beauty in the struggle” - J.cole (Jermaine Lamarr Cole)

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