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HUSTLE SMART: Creating Your College Bucket List

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Aujene Jecole

February 5 2022

Creating Your College Bucket List

ALS 101

Creating Your College Bucket List

College is all about finding out what works for you best. The presenter emphasized that it is important to hustle smarter, not harder. It is not the degree paper that holds value but the choices you make with the degree is what makes you different. Many people do not explore their career options. There are thousands of career options. It’s important to understand that when you decide to not venture out it creates traffic. Many people were raised to take the easy road, be good, get good grades, go to college, and get a good job. Baby boomers only competed with students in their high school to be successful. Generation X competed with everyone in the state.

In today’s generation things are a lot more complicated because we are competing with everyone around the whole entire world.

There are two different types of smarts. Some people believe that going to school is the way to get an education. Along with being book smart it’s important to be street smart as well. Being street smart involves how you navigate during uncertainty. It is the definition of how you use the knowledge that you have gained to the best of your advantage. The best way to be successful is to identify your personal, intellectual, social, and financial capital. Personal capital is about how well you know yourself. Recognizing your strengths your unique character traits and self-awareness can help you be successful. Intellectual capital is about what you know. Many students graduate college and forget everything they learned. What is the point of going to college if a skill or subject will not be mastered. To avoid this identify with one or two subjects or skills that you want to master and take time to study them. The famous saying it’s not what you know but who you know can be applied to your college experience in order to achieve the most high success. Your social capital is about who you know and who knows you. It is important to learn how to network up yes it is good to have friends, but more important to focus on networking with your professors, facility staff, Alumni professionals and community leaders. Networking up is important because one relationship upward can connect you to 100 relationships across. Financial capital is all about who knows that you know what you know. It is a combination strategy using social and intellectual capitalWhen the right people know what you do and who you are, financial opportunities are created.

I enjoyed learning about this topic because it help me to understand what I need to do in college before I graduate. My goal is to focus on my social Personal and financial capital. My goal is to figure out A strategy that works for me when it comes to socializing and promoting my strength. When it comes to financial capital I can utilize my strength of advertising and motivational speaking to gain financial opportunities. My goal is to be recognized by the right people so that I can make money while doing what I love. Many people think that graduating college is the beginning of their career. The truth is that it starts now. Graduating is the finish line. It is truly about the journey not the destination.

(video is in refrence to College of Southern Nevada Student success Workshop )

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