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I’m 21 years old living in Las Vegas and I am going through a life crisis that has caused irreparable harm and catastrophic damages. I just LOST EVERYTHING. I was forced to quit college, all of my life work, my artwork, my upcoming projects, and even education degrees have been destroyed due to civil case that was overturned into a malicious hateful crime against my family. Atlas NV, LLC has seized land from my family , this company was granted an eviction order by submitting an unauthenticated lease to a court. Since then my family has been trying to reveal the truth of the deception and greedful acts of the company. Currently my family is suffering from illicit conduct that is hidden within administrative procedures . My grandparents jewelry, medicine, and antiques dating back to the 1600's were either tossed or

stolen. Everything from TV's to baby pictures to cameras and SD cards have been destroyed. My family was wrongfully seized from our home of 15+ years and my family is suffering horribly. The crazy part , is that at the end of the day they get to return to there home and sleep peacefully at night, however I am stuck all night and day trying to piece together my broken heart and restless spirit. I don't get to sleep. I can't sometimes. This horrific event has sent my mom into a fatal depression and approximately 10 million dollars worth of assets have been destroyed. I’m tired of these daily anxiety attacks , and I don’t know what to do, but there is currently an open case with more details.

Case NO. 2:22-CV-01675-APG-NJK

Time is of the essence and I am currently seeking help and guidance!



Aujene Jecole

My life work :


702- 287-5051

+1 951 801 2817

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