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LOST POEMS by Aujene-Jecole

Funny is the legislator

the author of lies

dims the deemed

the ones who cry

but yell for pride

I go low

but the Messiah

is truly inside

I'm mad it deleted

like never exsisted

you tryna save me

but I never insisted

so you stand back

angry with judgement

fear for wages

for the wages of sin is death

but my gift is eternal life

modesty is a gimic

when the trade is a court

full blown anger for the lost truthful


heartbroken at the lost poems

ruined ruined ruined


The palms like spring in winter

the calm gently touch

of Gods Center

majesty at it's best

puberty in the mix

mixture of lash and lust

mixture of luxury and must

you smelling your armpits

as the old folks say

new ways ain't the same

same plays never change

the rules of the game

step out the white

and your out

but his colors are majestic

people must respect it

yet they have been breeded

and disrespected

the blood cries

it fiercily rolls through dirt

unmined diamonds

beneath the core of tradegy how could the government be so

evil and over turn

the light of evil

shine bright like a

dark dark closet

yet window of of righteousness

is a timeline beta

discrepanicies are dreading

on the hands of the most high

high and mighty

is GOD

high and mighty

is your pride

you give nothing

to be something

yet fail to fall before

the Everything

Peace. To the bloodsheed

Santify. To the perverted provision

Hurt. To the damsel in distress

Vegenace. To the ones who created the mess

Every Knee Shall bow before Christ

Every Knee Shall bow before Christ

My God, My Heart, My Love