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Jecole Whorton


World History honors

Samurai VS Knights

Samurai and knights differences are equivalent to Reese's and a Snickers bar. Not much, they serve the same purpose. Once Emperor's stop ruling, power bizarrely went wild throughout the central government. Those conditions led to development of feudalism in both Western Europe and Japan. Feudalism allowed selected Nobles (that the Lord chose) to Grant land to Warriors in return for loyalty to fight when conflict arose. In Japan Shogun was a general that held power who demonstrated bushido. The Bushido code of conduct blended Buddhist beliefs that life is temporary and full of suffering. In Europe, the Knights moral is based on Chivalry and the values of Christianity along with military characteristics. Based on that information were the similarities of knights and Samurai greater than the differences? The similarities between Samurai and knights were greater than the differences. This can be shown by looking at three areas; training ,honor, and social status.

The first area of important similarity was social status. The position of a warrior social status depends on the duties and what he receives. For example as shown in document A samurai bold loyalty and military service to daimyos for land and regular payment to families. This is similar to the knights social status who also received land for change of loyalty and military service to Lord. The only thing that keeps the classes from not being identical is that “The life of a Samurai was not his own” (Document B). Samurai's weren’t given a chance to decided if they wanted defend there leaders as opposed to knights. There similarities are significant because the social status demonstrates the importance of their position.

The second area of important similarities was training. Their training was similar because in document C both textbox messages started training at a very young age of 14 they both also wore armor that supported their style of fighting. Document D demonstrates how they both use the same armor in different ways. These similarities are significant because they show how closely bold warriors were raised and how they began.

Still another important similarity was honor. Honor was the most important because the key to a functional establishment is through moral principles. Document E analyzes the alike characteristics of their code of conduct. For example as you know they were expected to be loyal. If anything was done that brought forth dis-honor would result in a disgrace title and sometimes punishment. Samurai know that life and death will always be the same so they do not mind dying in honor. Even those nights are afraid to die they know angels will “descend Out of Heaven” so that they may lay peacefully. There similarities are significant because they both express dedication and importances of their purpose.

It is true that Samurai and Knights had their similarities including training, social status, and honor. However they still Differentiate in many ways. There armor, death, and beliefs are very different. But overall Samurai and Knights cherish the same Characteristics, Concepts, and Values.

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