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I used to chase time but now it has me....

Aujene Jecole

January 28 2022

Time Management : Strategies for success

ALS 101

Time Management

Incorporating (TOT )which basically means Time on task, is important because it can help you manage your time effectively. This method helps you predict how long it takes to complete a particular task. As a college student it is important to use your experience to be able to predict how long an assignment should take. The presenter wants to make sure that we are learning that the time it takes to complete assignments in high school is not the same as college. College assignments may be more complex and learning the transition of managing time can make a difference in your overall grade. It is important to have a balance and understanding of how to manage your time.

The most important tips that help with Time Management is the 3-Tiered objective.First remember what you have to do. Then make plans of when you are going to do it. Once those things are established, determine how you are going to complete it. The “what” is considered Professor Imposed which means you have no control over what the professors assign. However students are given a syllabus with class assignments and due dates. Grasping a clear understanding of how long it takes to complete an assignment such as reading a chapter or answering questions will help you set aside the accurate amount of time. Being specific about each goal is critical because it helps you to be successful and focused on what you want to accomplish. It is helpful to put the large goals at the end of the week. Whether it be page numbers or sections listing these things are important.

I will use this information and apply it to my personal life and school life. Managing time properly plays a big role in my work life balance. Finding time to complete my task has been a struggle for me because I have extra curricular activities and two jobs. My plan is to set aside 2 hours while I’m at work to complete homework assignments. My circadian rhythm is developing and evolving everyday. My Suprachiasmatic Nucleus also known as my biological clock is extremely active after 8pm. The Pineal gland can differentiate between light and darkness. This is important to keep in mind because it affects the time you wake up to start your day. Most people have high energy times in the morning but for me it’s the opposite. Studying during daylight is helpful but I get my best work done at night as opposed to daylight hours. My work schedule is a night shift and I think that it has affected my biological clock. Knowing this I am prepared to give myself night study times on week days and Daylight study times on the weekdays. School, sleep, and leisure will be balanced using the 8 hour formula (888). I plan on using the 888 formula to be successful in my time management.

(video in refrence to csn student workshop)

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