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What was the Underlying Cause of World War I ?

The Cause of WWI are like the causes of choirs. There are many reasons why students have them but we all know parents are just lazy. Europe in the 1900’s was blessed amazingly. They controlled empires that circled the globe. Tension between southeastern's was arising. Serbia wanted independence from Austria-Hungary. Not much was escalating so to create a ombinal reaction to demonstrate how Serbia felt they aimed at important authorities. A siberian assassinated the Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand leaving him absent to breathe on June 28th , 1914. What was the main underlying cause of WWI? There were at least three underlying causes of World War 1: Imperialism, militarism, and the most fundamental cause of all, alliances.

One underlying cause of WWI was imperialism. Eventually other land would get tired of Europe holding all power. The map shown on document E shows How Great Britain used everyone else resources as a source of control. Then along with that Great Britain limited opportunities of other land to have somewhat Independence. Document E displays how Great Britain controls most of the water sources. Document E connects the anger of people due of lack of Independence they had with majority of 400 billion people having no welcoming voice impact.This evidence supports the claim that imperialism was an underlying cause of the war because when one country has control over other parts of the world they create a neglection of personal support and unwanted domination.

A second underlying cause of WWI was militarism. Document C demonstrates how the military interpreted the war on superior levels. I say this because the graph displays that Germany spent 110 million Euro dollars on their military and navy. Germany spent the greatest on its Navy so it could control most of the land and possess authority over the seas. This is somewhat a form of control that relates back to the first underlying cause which is imperialism. This evidence supports the claim that militarism was an underlying cause of the war because it triggered a sense of insecurity and lack protection and control for many countries.

While imperialism and militarism were important the most basic underlying cause of WWI was alliances. the more countries that got involved,the bigger the issues grew. Document A tell the reader about the Triple Alliance ( Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy) and the Triple Entente ( Great Britain, France, Russia). this passed out the whole situation and made the problem even bigger. Then along with that loyalty and safety was falsely promise between countries. In document A The graph shows how Germany and Austria-Hungary was hurt in 1915 y the Betrayal of Italy. Alliances was the fundamental cause of War because countries soon focus more on teaming up to defeat each other and lost the original motive which was the target of Independence.

Although there were other causes that contributed to World War 1 like nationalism which was behind the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the three important underlying causes word Imperialism,militarism, and alliances. Alliances were the true causes of WWI Because additional support from other countries for the purpose of War based on irrelevant issues to the concerns of third parties is completely and impertinent. It clearly demonstrates absurd behavior in the form of an intentional retaliation.

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