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Who Do You Do It For?

Do you do it for your haters? Do you do it for your mom ? Maybe even that teacher who doubted your or even just yourself? These are all amazing and motivational reasons to keep pushing but the ulimate source of renewal comes from God. One day I want everyone to see my moment. I want everyone that hurt me to see me suceed. Every face that spit on me with rejection will one day drop their jaws. The people who intentionally tried to destroy my light and the people who used my inoccent courage for there selfish purposes will one day see how God is going to bless me! This might all sound wishfully pleasant, but I can admit this is what I would meditate on daily. Although my desires are true, the source of my desires seemed to be a little wicked and selfish. I had to step back and let God work on my heart again.

My PRAYER: I won't ignore that I want you to bless me before my enemies, but at the end of the day God I ask that you don't allow this to be my purpose for sucess. I don't want to live just to prove people wrong. God teach me to be so content with you to the point of where validation from others is powerless in my life. I want a pure heart and focused mind. Let everything I do be in favor of you God. I use to want a breakthrough so I can dance on the grave of my enemies doubts, but now I want this breakthrough because I want to be a changed person. I want to make my mark on this earth for you God. I want to do something that has never been done before. Create a generational wave that will make it in history books in honor of you. Today I release myself from the opinions and standards of others. I rebuke worldly validation and I choose you GOD. Walk with me on this journey. Teach me new ways and wrap me in a new light. I love you God Amen.

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